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We can take care of all of your bike maintenance and repairs needs.


Regular servicing keeps your bike in the best shape to deal with trails and helps identify failing components before they ruin your day.


Bike damaged? Full range of repair services available, from frame to punctures and everything in between.


Suspension Specialists

We are suspension specialists for Fox, Rockshox, Manitou and X-Fusion. Whether you need a basic tune up, service or rebuild we can do it.

Bike Fitting

Be comfortable on your ride make sure you choose a bike that fits and get it adjusted to the right size for you and your riding style.

Everyone is different and so is your bike. Let us set up your bike and suspension so you will be comfortable and able to push yourself to new heights.

Comox Valley BMX Specialists

Local BMX specialists, with the Coal Hills track down the road and a close involvement with the organisers we have the best bikes and servicing in the valley.

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