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About DCC

Cumberland's Original Bike Shop

DCC Since 2000

A group of long time riders and racers who love to share their stoke. From Mountain bikes to Road bikes, Fat Bikes to BMX, we’ve ridden them all. Come on in and find out more from the highest bike shop on Vancouver Island. (elevation 535ft)

We are a group of long time riders and racers who love to share our stoke for the trail.


Raised amongst the ferns and cow patties of Black Creek, and with many kilometers of cow trails to explore, Dan and his friends learned at a young age to descend with their mouths closed.  With nose breathing mastered, Dan applied this breathing technique to all disciplines of cycling. From BMX to road, to MTB, no one ever saw his teeth!  HIP HIP!!!


Growing up in the flatlands of middle eastern Canada, Sean would hitch-hike east to Quebec to shred DH on proper mountains nearly every weekend as a young lad.  But one day about 13 years ago, after too many beers, Sean was in the west-bound lane of the highway.  He ended up in Dodge, and never looked back. HIP HIP!!!